Prof. Dr. Julian Langer

Prof. Dr. Julian Langer

Identifying and characterizing µ-membrane proteins in prokaryotic terminal oxidases and proteomes

Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt (Germany), Department of Molecular Membrane Biology

Our work in this SPP has two major aims: In the first part, we plan to gain new insights into the roles of µ-membrane proteins in prokaryotic terminal oxidases. In the second part, we want to perform membrane proteomics screening experiments to identify membrane-embedded small proteins in selected model organisms.

  • We plan to investigate the functional roles of the oxidase µ-membrane protein subunits recently identified by our groups. Further, we want to examine how common µ-subunits are in oxidase complexes from different organisms. To this end, we will purify different oxidase types from coli, G. thermodenitrificans, P. stutzeri, M. phlei and other prokaryotes, and make use of our MALDI-MS/MS setup to directly sequence and identify small proteins. We will then generate genetic deletion variants of the identified small proteins to investigate possible roles in complex assembly and oxidase activity. Using homologously, recombinantly produced small proteins, we will map their interaction partners to gain further insights into their physiological roles. We will also perform functional studies, e.g. activity measurements, on the oxidase complexes in the presence and absence of the small proteins to further elucidate their functional roles.
  • In addition to the targeted studies on oxidase complexes, we plan to perform membrane µ-proteome screening experiments in stutzeri, M. phlei and G. thermodenitrificans. Initially, we will screen the genomes of these model organisms to identify possible ORFs for µ-membrane proteins. Then we attempt to extract and sequence the respective membrane µ-proteomes directly using a prototype Bruker Rapiflex MALDI-TOF/TOF tandem mass spectrometer.

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