Prof. Dr. Andreas Tholey

Prof. Dr. Andreas Tholey

Proteomics and peptidomics for the identification and functional characterization of sORF encoded proteins

Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (Germany), Institute for Experimental Medicine –  Systematic Proteomics & Bioanalytics

This Z-project aims to provide, in form of cooperation projects, state-of-the-art technologies proteomics and peptidomics analytical approaches for those groups in the SPP-2002 not having own in-house proteomics agendas. Four main tasks will be addressed: (i) the identification and quantification of short open reading frame encoded proteins (SEP); (ii) comparative proteome expression analysis in order to decipher the functional potential of SEP; (iii) the identification of SEP interaction partners; and (iv) the characterization of posttranslational modified SEP.

As the field of analytics of SEP is in wide parts still in its infancy, together with the direct application in the cooperation projects, the Z-project will perform methodological oriented research in order to (i) improve existing approaches and adapt these to the projects partners specific demands; (ii) to be capable to provide novel, yet untested technologies; (iii) directly transfer novel methods to cooperation projects to enhance scientific outcome; and (iv) to set benchmarks in this internationally highly visible research field as well as in the field of the necessary bioanalytics. Methodological developments encompass the full analytical pipeline reaching from sample preparation, chromatographic and/or electrophoretic separation, mass spectrometry up to bioinformatics driven data interpretation.

  1. Cassidy L, Prasse D, Linke D, Schmitz RA, Tholey A (2016). Combination of bottom-up 2D-LC-MS and semi-top-down GelFree-LC-MS enhances coverage of proteome and low molecular weight short open reading frame encoded peptides of the archeon Methanosarcina mazei. J Proteome Res, 15: 3773-3783.
  2. Prasse D, Thomsen J, De Santis R, Muntel J, Becher D, Schmitz RA. (2015) First description of small proteins encoded by spRNAs in Methanosarcina mazei strain Gö1.Biochimie, 117: 138-48.

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